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Digital Artistry & Retouching Services

What exactly is professional retouching? To me, it's making subtle changes in portraits in a way that no one would have ever noticed. Not all professional photographers offer these services. I've corrected severe baby eczema (see below on my baby boy), baby acne, hair ties on wrists, baby poop on shirts (it happens!), acne, drool, wrinkles, bruises, black eyes, boogers, stray hairs and the list goes on. I also do face swaps when someone is blinking, not looking in the right direction or not smiling. I offer these services because I take pride in the images that you will cherish forever. I want you to remember your baby or child the perfect way that they are . . . and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. 

Pictures may be combined (called composites) to create special imaginary masterpieces for everyone to enjoy. Upon request, I can do minor adjustments to your appearance. I want you to look and feel your best, but I also want you to look like you and not a photoshopped version of yourself.  Depending upon the additional adjustments requested or the extent of the creative work involved (aside from subtle retouches), additional fees may apply.

Baby Acne at 3 weeks old
Poor Baby Eczema
Body Eczema
Hidden Hair Ties
Face Swaps x 3
Christmas Magic
Swing Composite
Moon Composite
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